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Surrounding Community

Boulevard Heights is located in southeast Atlanta and is one of the city's 242 recognized neighborhoods. We are part of Neighborhood Planning Unit-W (or NPU-W -- see a map). The City of Atlanta is divided into twenty-five NPUs, which are citizen advisory councils that make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on zoning, land use, and other planning issues. The NPU system was established in 1974. In order to have balanced and efficient representation in NPU-W, Boulevard Heights, along with six other neighborhoods/communities (Benteen Park, Glenwood Park, McDonough/Guice, North Ormewood Park, Ormewood Park, and Woodland Hills) are part of South Atlantans for Neighborhood Development or SAND. In turn, SAND along with Grant Park and East Atlanta, presents recommendations to, and has representation in, NPU-W. For help with the alphabet soup of acronyms related to neighborhoods, neighborhood organizations and city government see What's In A Name? (courtesy of SAND).

There are many nearby neighborhoods with interesting things to enjoy. Learn about some of the other places that make southeast Atlanta great. 

The local neighborhood monthly newspaper, the Porch Press, is distributed to 7,000 residences in southeast Atlanta and serves historic Atlanta neighborhoods of Grant Park, Ormewood Park, East Atlanta Village, Benteen Park, Glenwood Park, Boulevard Heights and more. Find the current issue, as well as previous archived issues, online at the Porch Press website.

Several of the surrounding neighborhoods of SAND have banded together to create the Trolley Patrol, a private neighborhood security patrol. The Trolley Patrol is open to the residents of Benteen Park, Boulevard Heights, McDonough-Guice, North Ormewood Park, Ormewood Park and Woodland Hills.
Learn more about and (hopefully) join the Trolley Patrol.

And, while no one wants to think about crime happening, we do live in an urban environment. Call 9-1-1 to report suspicious activities. Be mindful and get in the habit of NOT leaving valuables in your vehicle, especially in plain sight, and remind your guests and visitors to be smart and not leave cell phones, GPS units, bags and briefcases, money and other tempting items in their vehicles. 
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