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What's In A Name?

Courtesy of SAND. This is included on their printed monthly meeting agendas to help people navigate the "alphabet soup" of neighborhood community and government jargon.  

ACMS - Atlanta Charter Middle School
APAB - Atlanta Planning and Advisory Board
APD - Atlanta Police Department
APS - Atlanta Public Schools
BOHO - Boulevard Heights Organization
BOLO - Be on the lookout
CDC - Community Development Corp. (SouthStar)
EABA - East Atlanta Business Assoc.
EABF - East Atlanta Beer Fest
EACA - East Atlanta Community Assoc.
EAV - East Atlanta Village
FEAL - Friends of East Atlanta Library
GPNA - Grant Park Neighborhood Assoc.
LRB - License Review Board
LUZ - Land Use & Zoning
NCS - Neighborhood Charter School
NOPCA - North Ormewood Park Community Assoc.
NPU - Neighborhood Planning Unit
NPU-W - the NPU composed of Grant Park, EACA, SAND
SAND - South Atlantans for Neighborhood Development
SEABA - SE Atl Business Association
SPLOST - Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax
ZONE 6 - SAND's APD zone
ZRB - Zoning and Review Board