Links and Philosophy

Everyone likes discovering new things...

There are many links imbedded throughout the pages of this website, especially the "City, County & Community Services Directory" and "Surrounding Community" pages. To make things easier to find, many links are also listed below by category. Links will open in a new browser window.

Biking in Atlanta

Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

Ride the City Atlanta (maps your routes for you!)

SOPO Bicycle Cooperative (Grant Park - non-profit, community-based bicycle repair shop that makes transportation affordable, accessible, and sustainable)

City Services

Building Permits Information

Code Enforcement




Public Works (Office of Transportation)



Water and Sewer

Other Neighborhoods and Groups

Benteen Park

Chosewood Park

Grant Park

SAND (South Atlantans for Neighborhood Development)

Southeast Beltline Subcommittee of NPU-W


Private Utilities and Services

Atlanta Gas Light (report a natural gas leak emergency)

Georgia Power (report streets lights that are burned out in a neighborhood)

Utility Locator Service (call BEFORE you dig holes in the ground and tear stuff up that you don't want to have to pay for)

Being a good neighbor is key

"Love thy neighbor ,but keep these resources handy."

"The burning of construction debris, organic debris from stomps, branches, and other land clearing efforts and any and all other outdoor burning, other than cooking fires, is prohibited within the city limits."